-Wireless Technologies (WLAN) The wireless network offers you a complete freedom to move anywhere inside or outside the office walls and still having a complete access to your network resources. You can check your E-mail or having an access to any of your applications without having to look for a free data port.

Wireless networks are preferred for warehouse inventory, point-of-sale, and office sharing for mobile workers. Wireless networks also offer obvious benefits for non-mobile or desktop workstations located in remote areas where cabling is impractical.

EMIT Networking & Infrastructure Services Team will help you to determine what solutions will work best for your business. Our unbiased and no-nonsense approach allows us to find the most cost effective solution, enabling your business to better manage growth into the future. Some of the wireless solutions we offer are:

-Wireless site survey and installation.

-Wireless network design.

-Wireless consulting.

-Wireless LANs.

-Wireless WANs.

-Product comparison.

Aruba Networks® is our core wireless platform while we still provide other bands. There are many types of wireless networks in Aruba:

1. Instant Access Point (IAP): It is a stand alone; it doesn’t need to any management devices. If you have many IAPs they can integrate together up to 16 IAP and make rooming between IAPs. IAP & Controller its thin access point need to manage by controller device. The controller makes integration between APs up to 2048 AP, firewall, rooming, access permission, captive portal and VPN.

2. Virtual Private Network (VPN):

There are many types of VPN in Aruba:-
-Remote Access Point (RAP): Remote access point, it can create secure tunnel via internet between RAP in any branch and controller in the head office up to 30 users for each branch.

-Controller to Controller VPN: It can make secure tunnel via internet between two controllers or more if you have more than 30 users in branch.