Server and Client System Solution

At EMIT we support every aspect from server and client PC procurement to design and installation. Server configuration needs a very highly skilled team of professionals who can understand the requirements of the client business which what we have here in EMIT.

At EMIT we create a complete setup for any organization. We offer solution according to the business requirements. In complete solution we provide high performance assembled systems (important for requirement based solution) and also configure all the systems depends upon the requirements of the organization. The most suitable system is selected and procured from multiple vendors. We also support procurement and installation of Microsoft software. We have a proven track record of installing many kinds of servers such as file servers, mail servers, DNS servers and proxy servers

Examples of systems provided by EMIT Networking & Infrastructure Services Team:

– Server installation such as Windows Domain Controller, File Server, Mail Server, DNS Server, Proxy Server, Printer Server and so on.

– Client PC installation

-Design and installation of server redundancy configuration